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International Journal of Dream Research (IJoDR)

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International Journal of Dream Research (IJoDR)

Beitragvon magdreamz » 03.05.2012, 20:33

Hi, Community! :)

Hier ist eine Webseite: International Journal of Dream Reserach, worin sämtliche Informationen über die wissenschaftliche Traumforschung gesammelt und publiziert werden. Verschiedene Traumforscher, wie z.B. Michael Schredl, Daniel Erlacher & Co. verfassen mit der Zeit Berichte über verschiedene Themen im Bereich der Traumforschung. Zwar ist die ganze Seite und deren Inhalte auf Englisch, doch es steckt voller Informationen! ;) (Y)

Hier mal alles Übersichtichtlich dargestllt und die direkten Links zum Download der PDF.-Dateien: ...

➥ 2014
*NEU* Vol 7, No 2 (October 2014)
Spoiler: show

[LESEN] Non-gaming computer use relationship to type of dream (95-104)
    Jayne Gackenbach, Arielle Boyes
[LESEN] Working the graveyard shift at the witching hour: Further exploration of dreams, psi and circadian rhythms (105-112)
    David P Luke, Karolina Zychowicz
[LESEN] Depression and sleep problems in a Nigerian family practice setting (113-120)
    Rasaki O. Shittu, Musa A. Sanni, Louis O. Odeigah, Issa A. Baba, Ganiyu T. Olanrewaju, Abdullateef G. Sule, Salamat Isiaka-Lawal
[LESEN] Assessing Dream Work: Conceptualizing dream work as an intervention in dream life (121-128)
    David Jenkins
[LESEN] The effect of external stimuli on dreams, as assessed using Q-methodology (129-140)
    Anthony Bloxham, Simon Durrant
[LESEN] The Mannheim Dream questionnaire (MADRE): Retest reliability, age and gender effects (141-147)
    Michael Schredl, Sabrina Berres, Anna Klingauf, Sabine Schellhaas, Anja S. Göritz
[LESEN] Appendix: The Mannheim Dream Questionnaire (MADRE)
    Michael Schredl
Brief Reports

[LESEN] Dream depictions of the ‘unperceivable’ object of emotional loss (148-152)
    Robert Kunzendorf, Ryan J. Savage, Kevin R. Doherty, Christopher L. Smith, Ryan M. Powell, Danielle F. Belliveau, Glen P. Erickson

[LESEN] “To test or not to test, that is the question” - Is there a way of verifying the validity of the interpretation of our dreams? (153-169)
    Kurt Forrer
[LESEN] Dirty Walls – An evolutionary theory to explain the dream function (170-173)
    Peter Robbins
Vol 7 (2014): Supplement 1
Vol 7, No 1 (April 2014)
Spoiler: show

[LESEN] Psychological factors in precognitive dream experiences: The role of paranormal belief, selective recall and propensity to find correspondences (1-8)
    Caroline Watt, Natalie Ashley, Jack Gillett, Megan Halewood, Rebecca Hanson
[LESEN] Nightmare frequency in schizophrenic patients, healthy relatives of schizophrenic patients, patients at high risk states for psychosis, and healthy controls (9-13)
    Franziska Michels, Claudia Schilling, Franziska Rausch, Sarah Eifler, Mathias Zink, Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Michael Schredl
[LESEN] Nightmares and homeostasis: When bad dreams fail to protect HPMood from anxiety (14-22)
    Lindsay Wayde Tunbridge, Dr Melissa Weinberg
[LESEN] Who are the people in my dreams? Self-awareness and character identification in dreaming (23-32)
    Dagna Skrzypińska, Monika Słodka
[LESEN] Analyzing chronic dream ego responses in co-creative dream analysis (33-38)
    Gregory Scott Sparrow
[LESEN] Continuity between waking life and dreams of psychiatric patients: A review and discussion of the implications for dream research (39-53)
    Joacim Skancke, Ingrid Holsen, Michael Schredl
[LESEN] Mental health, physical self and lucid dreaming: A correlational study in sport students (54-60)
    Steven M R Jones, Tadas Stumbrys
[LESEN] Lucid dream induction by visual and tactile stimulation: An exploratory sleep laboratory study (61-66)
    Franc Paul, Melanie Schädlich, Daniel Erlacher
Brief Reports

[LESEN] Gamer links to dream bizarreness and lucidity: A failure to replicate (67-71)
    Jayne Isabel Gackenbach, Beena Kuruvilla, Mary-Lynne Ferguson, Keyfer Mathewson, Mycah Darlington
[LESEN] Does REM mentation reflect emotional memory? Assessing dreams with a modified Emotional Stroop Task (72-75)
    Anthony Murkar, Carlyle Smith, Allyson Dale, Nicolle Miller
[LESEN] Smoking dreams in the dream series of a non-smoker (76-79)
    Michael Schredl
[LESEN] Relation between waking politic, music and sports related tasks and dream content in students of politics and psychology students (80-84)
    Simon Kern, Amelie Auer, Melanie Gutsche, Annika Otto, Karlotta Preuß, Michael Schredl

[LESEN] A neuro-cognitive model of sleep mentation and memory consolidation (85-89)
    Anthony Murkar, Carlyle Smith, Allyson Dale, Nicolle Miller
[LESEN] To what extent does the dream influence the creative process? (90-92)
    Kurt Forrer
[LESEN] Commentary on "Spiritual and religious imagery in dreams: A cross cultural analysis" (93-94)
    Mohamed Omar Salem

➥ 2013
Vol 6, No 2 (October 2013)
Spoiler: show

[LESEN] The dreams of Perpetua: An historical application of the continuity hypothesis (71-78)
    John C Stephens
[LESEN] “Parted Eyes” in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (79-83)
    Walter Eggers
[LESEN] Dream reliving and meditation as a way to enhance reflectiveness and constructive engagement in dreams (84-93)
    Gregory Scott Sparrow, Mark Thurston, Ralph Carlson
[LESEN] Spiritual and religious imagery in dreams: A cross cultural analysis (94-97)
    Mohamed O. Salem, Teresa L DeCicco, Mohamed A. Ragab, Said Yousif, Anthony L. Murkar, Mamta Vaswani
[LESEN] Relationship between lucid dreaming, creativity and dream charakteristics (98-103)
    Nicolas Zink, Reinhard Pietrowksy
[LESEN] Gender differences in dream content: Are they related to personality? (104-109)
    Jonas Mathes, Michael Schredl
Brief Reports

[LESEN] A mathematical exploration into manipulation and control of a bifurcative dreaming process (110-113)
    Kamalanand Krishnamurthy, Mannar Jawahar Ponnuswamy
[LESEN] Dreams of core family members in a long dream series (114-118)
    Michael Schredl
[LESEN] Nightmare frequency in a representative German sample (119-122)
    Michael Schredl
[LESEN] Reliability and stability of lucid dream and nightmare frequency scales (123-126)
    Tadas Stumbrys, Daniel Erlacher, Michael Schredl
[LESEN] Incidence and frequency of lucid dreams in a Swiss junior college student sample (127-129)
    Tamara Janina Fingerlin

[LESEN] Stage-dependent cortical/hippocampal reactivation may explain the differences in recall frequency between REM and NREM mentation (130-131)
    Anthony Murkar
[LESEN] “Experts” versus trained dream coders: Does it make a difference? (132-135)
    Jayne Isabel Gackenbach, Taylor Witiw, Mary-Lynn Ferguson, Mycah Darlington, Carson Flockhart, Dan Swanson, Steve Ahlswede
[LESEN] Challenges in quantitative dream research: A commentary on Curtiss Hoffman’s “Research articles in Dreaming: A review of the first 20 years.” (136-138)
    Michael Schredl
Vol 6 (2013): Supplement
Vol 6, No 1 (April 2013)
Spoiler: show

[LESEN] Five years completed! Thanks to you all! (1-2)
    Daniel Erlacher, Michael Schredl
Invited Essays

[LESEN] A Conversation with Allan Hobson (3-7)
    Jay Vogelsong

[LESEN] A Cultural Comparison of Dream Content, Mood and Waking Day Anxiety between Italians and Canadians (8-12)
    Teresa L DeCicco, Marco Zanasi, Allyson Dale, Anthony Murkar, Giuliana Longo, Federica Testoni
[LESEN] Characters, social interactions, emotions and self-representation in 7-8 and 9 -11 year olds’ dream reports: A mixed methods study (13-21)
    Jennifer Parker, Kayleigh Freer, Kate Adams
[LESEN] Exploring the Dreams of Canadian Soldiers with Content Analysis (22-30)
    Allyson Lindsay Dale, Teresa L DeCicco, Nicolle J Miller
[LESEN] Factors in Hartmann’s Central Imagery Scale and their Relationship to Emotion and Traumatic Experiences (31-40)
    Glenn Bilsborrow, John Davidson, Jennifer Scott
[LESEN] Self-rated effects of reading, TV viewing and daily activities on dreaming in adolescents and adults: The UK library study (41-44)
    Sebastian Lambrecht, Michael Schredl, Josie Henley-Einion, Mark Blagrove
[LESEN] A new method of dream analysis congruent with contemporary counseling approaches (45-53)
    Gregory Scott Sparrow
[LESEN] Does training increase NREM dream recall? A pilot study (54-58)
    Michael Schredl, Jaana Brennecke, Iris Reinhard
Brief Reports

[LESEN] Animal dreams in a long dream series (59-64)
    Michael Schredl
[LESEN] Frequency of lucid dreams in a long dream series of an infrequent lucid dreamer (65-68)
    Michael Schredl
Book/Media Reviews

[LESEN] Book review: Dreaming Yourself Awake – Lucid Dreaming and Tibetan Dream Yoga for Insight and Transformation, by B. Alan Wallace (69-70)
    Tadas Stumbrys

➥ 2012
Vol 5, No 2 (October 2012)
Spoiler: show
Vol 5 (2012): Supplement
Vol 5, No 1 (April 2012)
Spoiler: show

[LESEN] Continuity in studying the continuity hypothesis of dreaming is needed (1-8)
    Michael Schredl
[LESEN] Exogenous dream continuity: Exploring the matrix of entangled dreams (9-16)
    Bob Van de Castle

[LESEN] An exploratory study on the relationship between dissociation in waking life and negative contents in dreams (17-22)
    Victor K.-L. Cheung
[LESEN] The relationship between video game play, dream bizarreness, and creativity (23-36)
    Jayne Isabel Gackenbach, Raelyne Dopko
[LESEN] Mentation during sleep onset theta bursts in a trained participant: A role for NREM stage 1 sleep in memory processing? (37-46)
    Philippe Stenstrom, Kieran Fox, Elizaveta Solomonova, Tore Nielsen
[LESEN] Dreamers as agents making strategizing efforts exemplify core aggregate of executive function in non-lucid dreaming (47-67)
    Miloslava Kozmova
[LESEN] Examining dream content and meaning of dreams with English and Italian versions of the storytelling method of dream interpretation (68-75)
    Teresa L DeCicco, Donatella Donati, Mauro Pini
[LESEN] The dreams of Aelius Aristides: A psychological interpretation (76-86)
    John C Stephens
[LESEN] Investigation of visual dream reports after transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) during REM sleep (87-93)
    Antonia J. Jakobson, Russell Conduit, Paul B. Fitzgerald
[LESEN] Lucid dreaming in children: The UK library study (94-98)
    Michael Schredl, Josie Henley-Einion, Mark Blagrove
Brief Reports

[LESEN] Dreaming about wearing glasses: Analyzing a long dream series of a short-sighted person (99-101)
    John C Stephens
[LESEN] The effects of dream socialization in childhood on dream recall frequency and the attitude towards dreams in adulthood: A retrospective study (102-107)
    Joachim Bachner, Peter Raffetseder, Benedikt Walz, Michael Schredl

➥ 2011
Vol 4, No 2 (October 2011)
Spoiler: show

[LESEN] Distinguishing continuity/discontinuity, function and insight when investigating dream content (45-47)
    Mark Blagrove
[LESEN] Testing the Continuity Hypothesis (48-49)
    Kelly Bulkeley
[LESEN] Dreams Are Embodied Simulations That Dramatize Conception and Concerns: The Continuity Hypothesis in Empirical, Theoretical, and Historical Context (50-62)
    G. William Domhoff
[LESEN] The Continuity versus Discontinuity Hypotheses: A Consideration of Issues for Coding Video Game Incorporation (63-76)
    Jayne Isabel Gackenbach, Tyler Sample, Gabe Mandel
[LESEN] Continuity? Yes, Emotional Continuity (77)
    Ernest Hartmann
[LESEN] Re-defining discontinuity: Implications for the functions of dreaming (78-80)
    Caroline Linda Horton, Josie E. Malinowski
[LESEN] The continuity and discontinuity between waking and dreaming from the perspective of an analytical psychological construct (81-83)
    Bob Hoss
[LESEN] The Synthesis of Dream Sources (84-85)
    David Kahn
[LESEN] Themes of Continuity (86-92)
    Josie Malinowski, Caroline L. Horton
[LESEN] Lucid dreaming: discontinuity or continuity in consciousness? (93-97)
    Tadas Stumbrys

[LESEN] Presence in Video Game Play and Nighttime Dreams: An Empirical Inquiry (98-109)
    Jayne Isabel Gackenbach, Matthew Rosie
[LESEN] False awakenings in light of the dream protoconsciousness theory: a study in lucid dreamers. (110-116)
    Giorgio Buzzi
[LESEN] Learning Lucid Dreaming and its Effect on Depression in Undergraduates (117-126)
    Isaac Yitzhak Taitz
[LESEN] Dreams of a romantic partner in a dream series: Comparing relationship periods with periods of being separated (127-131)
    Michael Schredl
Book/Media Reviews

[LESEN] Book review The Twenty-four Hour Mind – The Role of Sleep and Dreaming in Our Emotional Lives by Rosalind D. Cartwright (132-135)
    Michael Schredl
Vol 4 (2011): Supplement
Vol 4, No 1 (April 2011)
Spoiler: show

➥ 2010
Vol 3, No 2 (November 2010)
Spoiler: show
Vol 3 (2010): Supplement
Vol 3, No 1 (April 2010)
Spoiler: show

[LESEN] The third year for IJoDR (1-2)
    Michael Schredl, Daniel Erlacher

[LESEN] Neuropsychiaric perspective and recommendations (3-6)
    Andrew Brylowski
[LESEN] Lucid dreaming: Neural virtual reality as a mechanism for performance enhancement (7-10)
    Daniel Erlacher, Heather Chapin
[LESEN] Psychological considerations in pursuing lucid dreaming research (11-12)
    Jayne Isabel Gackenbach
[LESEN] The future of lucid dreaming treatment (13-15)
    Josefin Ellinor Gavie, Antti Revonsuo
[LESEN] Why lucid dreaming could also be called paradoxical dreaming (16)
    Brigitte Holzinger
[LESEN] Transcranial cortex stimulation as a novel approach for probing the neurobiology of dreams: Clinical and neuroethical implications (17-20)
    Ahmed A. Karim
[LESEN] Primary and secondary consciousness during dreaming (21-25)
    Don Kuiken
[LESEN] Signal-verfied lucid dreaming proves that REM sleep can support reflective consciousness (26-27)
    Stephen LaBerge
[LESEN] Transcendental consciousness wakes up in dreaming and deep sleep (28-32)
    Lynne I. Mason, David Orme-Johnson
[LESEN] Different kinds of subjective experience during lucid dreaming may have different neural substrates (33-35)
    Sérgio A. Mota-Rolim, Daniel Erlacher, Adriano B.L. Tort, John F. Araujo, Sidarta Ribeiro
[LESEN] New perspectives for the study of lucid dreaming: From brain stimulation to philosophical theories of self-consciousness (36-45)
    Valdas Noreika, Jennifer M. Windt, Bigna Lenggenhager, Ahmed A. Karim
[LESEN] Dreaming and waking: Phenomenological and biological differences (46-48)
    Michael Schredl
[LESEN] Lucid and non-lucid dreaming: Thinking in networks (49-51)
    Victor Spoormaker, Michael Czisch, Martin Dresler
[LESEN] Lucid dreaming: Reflections on the role of introspection (52-53)
    Ursula Voss

[LESEN] An investigation among dreams with sexual imagery, romantic jealousy and relationship satisfaction (54-59)
    Jessica Clarke, Teresa L DeCicco, Geoff Navara
[LESEN] The frequency of déjà vu (déjà rêve) and the effects of age, dream recall frequency and personality factors (60-64)
    Arthur T. Funkhouser, Michael Schredl
[LESEN] Dream content analysis: Basic principles (65-73)
    Michael Schredl
[LESEN] Is sleep-dependent memory consolidation of a visuo-motor task related to dream content? (74-79)
    Michael Schredl, Daniel Erlacher
[LESEN] Content analysis on the potential significance of color in dreams: A preliminary investigation (80-90)
    Robert J. Hoss
[LESEN] Frequency of sport dreams in athletes (91-94)
    Daniel Erlacher, Michael Schredl
Book/Media Reviews

[LESEN] History of dream research: The dissertation “Entstehung der Träume (Origin of dreams)” of Wilhelm Weygandt published in 1893 (95-97)
    Michael Schredl

➥ 2009
Vol 2, No 2 (October 2009)
Spoiler: show
Vol 2, No 1 (April 2009)
Spoiler: show

[LESEN] The second year for IJoDR (1-2)
    Daniel Erlacher, Michael Schredl

[LESEN] Video Game Play and Consciousness Development: A Replication and Extension (3-11)
    Jayne Isabel Gackenbach
[LESEN] Psychological boundaries, dream recall, and nightmare frequency: a new Boundary Personality Questionnaire (BPQ) (12-19)
    Michael Schredl, Angelika Bocklage, Judith Engelhardt, Tanja Mingebach
[LESEN] The impact of early-life maltreatment on dreams of patients with insomnia (20-28)
    Valérie Schäfer, Klaus Bader
[LESEN] Significance of Dreams among United Arab Emirates University Students (29-32)
    Mohamed Omar Salem, Mohamed Abdel Latif Ragab, Said Yousif Abdel Razik
[LESEN] Work-related dreams as related to job and life satisfaction in hairdressers (33-36)
    Michael Schredl, Arthur Funkhouser, Nicole Arn
[LESEN] Recall of a specific word list in lucid dreams – an explorative online study (37-40)
    Daniel Erlacher

➥ 2008
Vol 1, No 2 (October 2008)
Vol 1, No 1 (April 2008)
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Re: International Journal of Dream Research (IJoDR)

Beitragvon Anewex » 19.09.2012, 05:58

Wow, wenn mir mal langweilig ist, weiß ich schon wo ich anfange. Tolle Sammlung, auch wenn es angstrengender ist, englisch zu lesen.
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Re: International Journal of Dream Research (IJoDR)

Beitragvon magdreamz » 02.08.2014, 14:35

So, ich habe mal diese kostbare wissenschaftlichen Traumforschung-PDFs aktualisiert... :D

Neu dazu gekommen: ...
Vol 7, No 1 (April 2014)
Vol 6, No 2 (October 2013)
Vol 6 (2013) Supplement
Vol 6, No 1 (April 2013)
Vol 5, No 2 (October 2012)
Vol 5 (2012) Supplement

Viel Spaß! :D
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Re: International Journal of Dream Research (IJoDR)

Beitragvon beija-flor » 02.08.2014, 14:57

Wow, die Seite kannte ich noch nicht. Jetzt weiß ich, wie ich meine Ferien verbringe :D
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Re: International Journal of Dream Research (IJoDR)

Beitragvon magdreamz » 22.11.2014, 23:54

So und schon wieder wurde etwas veröffentlicht... :lol: :shock: (Y) Ich glaube erst Heute wurde es hochgeladen. Also ganz frisch. :D

Neu dazu gekommen: ...
Vol 7 (2014): Supplement 1 (Alles ist im Eröffnungspost)

EDIT 1: Ich werde auch nach und nach Lese-Links zu den PDFs einbauen. :D Wär es also nicht downloaden möchte, kann dann einfach auf [LESEN] klicken (vor jedem Artikel). Der Springt dann direkt zur PDF innerhalb der Webseite. :-)

EDIT 2: Lese-Links wurden alle eingefügt. :-) (Y)

Neu dazu gekommen: Vol 7, No 2 (October 2014) (Im Eröffnungspost)

Zuletzt als neu markiert von magdreamz am 22.11.2014, 23:54.
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