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von luciding
26.05.2017, 18:21
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Re: Luciding

A lot of time passed since we started the project, anyways thanks for all of you guys to still maintain the interest. We were in a dense development as far as you know, and we didn't launch the product for all that time. That has changed – We've started our crowdfunding campaign, and set up a new ba...
von luciding
26.05.2017, 18:10
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Re: Luciding / DreamCatcher - Klarträume kaufen

Hello guys, Luciding is here. We've produced more than 100 prototypes and sent all over the world already. Here is a kind review of our trials data by LucidSource: http://www.lucidsource.net/ld/lucidcatcher-latest-development-and-a-2017-update About the Safety: LucidCatcher measures skin conductivit...